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Choosing The Best PTSD Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Undergoing therapy is arguably the most crucial stage in the PTSD healing process. However, finding a good PTSD psychiatrist is easier said than done, more so if you’ve never sought PTSD medication. That said, here’s the ultimate guide for finding a good PTSD therapist near Cedar Brook, NJ, at Harmony Bay Wellness.

Ask Your Primary Physician for a Recommendation

Your physician undoubtedly knows and can vouch for a therapist who’s good at handling PTSD patients. Doctors are well-connected and respected within their community, and therefore, can be a useful resource and the best people to ask as you start your PTSD medication. A doctor who has treated you in the past knows you well and might be the ideal person to recommend a therapist who’s best suited for you.

Check Out a Therapist’s Credentials

Psychotherapy is a broad field. When it comes to PTSD psychiatry, you need a therapist to handle PTSD patients rather than a general practitioner. In an industry where professional honesty isn’t held in high regard, you should be keen on the person you choose to treat you. Check the credentials of the therapists under consideration to ensure they have previous experience in handling PTSD patients.

Before the Consultation

When researching potential candidates, it’s best to ensure that they have the expertise to offer the best treatment possible. You can tell whether a PTSD therapist is credible or not by going through his/her website. At the very minimum, the website should include pertinent information about the therapist and his/her practice, including education, specializations, and mental health accreditations.

While evaluating therapists’ websites, you may also want to look at their previous patients’ reviews. Such feedback says a lot about the quality of PTSD therapy that a psychiatrist offers. Nevertheless, you should beware that online reviews can also be subjective because a particular treatment might work for one person and not for another. Therefore, feedback should be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. If you feel a specific therapist is suitable, you should go ahead and make an appointment.

During the Phone Call

Most PTSD therapists require clients to make an appointment via phone call. After narrowing down to a few psychiatrists, it’s time for a consultation call to gauge their suitability. Before coming to an appointment, ask questions about the practice and the approach to PTSD therapy. Some PTSD therapists near Cedar Brook, NJ, provide free in-person and phone screening even before patients decide to set up an actual appointment.

The screenings allow you to ask a therapist about his/her qualifications, experience with your particular issue, and suggestions about the most suitable treatment plan. While asking these questions, ensure he/she responds sensibly. You’ll know whether a PTSD psychiatrist is a good listener. Remember, good listening is a crucial aspect of PTSD psychiatry, and therefore, a therapist should be a good listener and communicator.

Get the Help You Deserve at Harmony Bay Wellness

PTSD is one of the most debilitating mental illnesses. The condition caused countless disturbances, which prevent you from enjoying your life as you should. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we understand how difficult it is to battle PTSD. For this reason, we’ve created a comprehensive PTSD medication plan designed to meet patients’ needs and help them live normally. Our PTSD psychiatrists offer a range of mental health treatments, including:

We always emphasize that patients cannot achieve stability overnight. Besides, every patient has a different mental health history. Thus, we customize each treatment journey to suit the needs of individual patients. Our mental health experts combine their experience with compassion to ensure that the desired treatment outcomes get realized.

PTSD is a disruptive mental health condition, and you shouldn’t allow it to consume you or your loved ones. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Harmony Bay Wellness at [Direct] to start your mental health wellness journey.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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