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Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques In PTSD Therapy

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of mental health disorder requiring professional treatment. One of the most beneficial treatments is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Working with a PTSD psychiatrist, it’s possible to gain control over negative thought patterns and the outcomes they cause, improving quality of life and health. At Harmony Bay Wellness, this is one type of therapy that may be available to you.

PTSD Therapy Often Includes CBT

There are several layers of PTSD therapy. That means several treatment options exist to help individuals find the support and improvement they need. This often includes PTSD medication. CBT works alongside medication and other therapies to create results.

CBT’s specific goal is to focus on how feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are all linked and often lead to drastic differences in daily life. It also works to:

  • Target current problems associated with PTSD at home, work, or school
  • Minimize the onset of symptoms of PTSD
  • Teaching how to monitor for symptoms
  • Changing negative behaviors and thoughts
  • Improving a person’s ability to function in daily life without symptoms

As a comprehensive type of PTSD therapy, CBT is a foundation for many treatment plans.

How Does PTSD Psychiatry Help?

To achieve these goals, a PTSDT therapist works closely with a person in individual therapy sessions. A variety of techniques can be applied to achieve goals. This may include techniques such as:

  • Cognitive Restructuring and Reframing: This method involves monitoring negative thought patterns and looking for how a thought process develops, leading to negative outcomes. For example, your inaccurate thinking may assume the worst will happen to you. This often leads to behaviors that lead to a self-fulling outcome.
  • Guided Discovery: In this method, a therapist asks guided questions about your views. They aim to challenge what you are thinking and why. Then, this technique allows the PTSD therapist to widen your thinking, creating a new perspective.
  • Exposure Therapy: In some situations of PTSD, it is not beneficial to use this method. For others, it may enable a person to confront phobias and fears safely to create change. This can help to minimize the fear and anxiety you have when exposed to various situations.
  • Thought Recording: Writing is one of the best forms of PTSD psychiatry for some people. It allows a person to list negative thoughts as they occur, such as between therapy sessions. This enables a person to alter their way of thinking, aiding in creating better outcomes.
  • Stress Reduction Methods: Therapists may also recommend relaxation and stress reduction methods. These can help to calm your mind and body during intense moments. This may include the use of imagery, muscle relaxation, and deep breathing.

Finding the PTSD Therapy Near Stratford, NJ That’s Right for You

Not everyone benefits from the same types of CBT techniques. A PTSD psychiatrist’s goal is to find the right blend of techniques to create the best possible outcome. This, along with holistic and other evidence-based therapies, may help men and women to overcome the challenges they face. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we offer the PTSD therapy that’s right for your situation. An assessment allows you to determine what’s best for you. Learn more about the work we do and how we can help through programs such as:

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