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How to Support Your Partner While They are Struggling with Mental Health 

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    Mental health is a topic that affects a lot of people. Couples in a relationship are not sure of what to do when their partner is struggling with mental health and or showing mental health symptoms, particularly depression and anxiety. Partners in a relationship could have a negative or positive impact on each…

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Why Mental Health is so Important Today  

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  The pandemic changed everything. From the way we work, live, communicate, and handle mental health. According to a scientific brief from the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. This is due to a number of stress factors, including social isolation and…

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): What is it, Conditions it Treats, and Finding the Right Program for You 

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  As many of us have heard before, managing our mental health is not a linear process. Sometimes we take 3 steps forward, and 2 steps back. Sometimes unexpected life circumstances come out of the blue and knock us back to what feels like “square one.” Sometimes we’ve been feeling good for years, and suddenly,…

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Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Trauma

Trauma looks different to everyone and you never know how you or anyone else is going to respond to it. It’s possible to not even know how you’ve been affected by a traumatic experience until you start digging deeper. But one thing is for certain – trauma can impact your health both emotionally and physically. …

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The Benefits of PTSD Therapy for Women

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder impacting those who have experienced some trauma. This creates numerous complications to wellbeing, including creating symptoms that impact behavior, emotions, and day-to-day life. It does not have to remain like this. PTSD medication and PTSD therapy options can make a profound difference in a person’s life.…

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Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques In PTSD Therapy

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of mental health disorder requiring professional treatment. One of the most beneficial treatments is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Working with a PTSD psychiatrist, it’s possible to gain control over negative thought patterns and the outcomes they cause, improving quality of life and health. At Harmony Bay Wellness, this is…

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How Trauma Therapy Can Help Women

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Trauma impacts people in various ways. For many women, it leads to changes in personality, behavior, and confidence. Yet, with proper trauma therapy near Collinswood, NJ, it is possible to regain many of these losses and create a healthy future. The key is to embrace trauma psychiatry for all it can offer. Our team at Harmony…

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How Helpful Is a Trauma Therapist?

Brookfield Man Attending Trauma Therapy

If you have never had the unfortunate need to look for a trauma therapist, then you might fail to grasp how much work it takes to find a good trauma therapist in Brookfield, NJ. What’s even more challenging is taking the necessary step of attending therapy sessions even after finding a therapist. You should feel…

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The Importance of Working with a Trauma Therapist

Cedar Brook Man Attending Trauma Therapy

Trauma can give you a feeling of worthlessness and diminish your sense of self. An individual affected by trauma may not be able to feel the full range of emotions. Harmony Bay Wellness’s trauma therapists near Cedar Brook, NJ, are committed to helping you overcome the effects of trauma using the most effective means. Our trauma treatment…

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How to Get the Most from Your PTSD Therapist Sessions

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Many events in your life can bring on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). A serious accident, a history of child abuse, or an illness that puts you in the hospital can cause you to be traumatized. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we can match you with a PTSD therapist near Brookfield, NJ, that gives you the support…

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