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Does My Loved One Need an OCD Therapist?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

OCD is the acronym used for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This disorder causes havoc to those who suffer from it as it makes them believe they need to perform tasks in a particular manner or several times. Tasks need to be done before a person goes about their normal activities. This makes it difficult for someone suffering from this condition to go about their day without frustration. Here are some signs that your loved one needs an OCD therapist near Haddonfield, NJ, to help keep symptoms at bay.

Make A Note Of Daily Actions

Before you suggest that your loved one seek assistance from an OCD therapist near Haddonfield, NJ, make a notation of the actions they take daily. This will help you to decide whether tasks seem to be out of the norm or whether your loved one is making themselves perform tasks over and over at an unrealistic rate. For example, if you notice that your loved one needs to unplug all of the appliances in their home before they go to sleep or leave their property, there is a chance they are suffering from OCD. If they need to turn a doorknob several times before they open it, walk a particular number of steps before leaving home, or a similar type of action, OCD is likely to be an issue. A call to [Direct] to ask about OCD therapy near Haddonfield, NJ, can help.

Be Aware Of Themes

OCD tends to cause people suffering from this condition to hone in on a specific theme that causes them to perform actions around their beliefs regarding the theme. For example, someone who has OCD that causes them to be afraid of germs will perform tasks to keep dirt, bacteria, and viruses away. This type of OCD means the person suffering from the condition will clean their hands constantly, wipe off surfaces over and over, and avoid areas where other people frequent. Someone suffering from OCD that causes them to need to count items or arrange them in a certain order will feel extremely frustrated if they cannot accomplish this task the first time. They repeat the action over and over until they get it right. If you notice this behavior, contact [Direct] to see our OCD therapist near Haddonfield, NJ.

Know The Treatment Available

When it comes to helping someone who suffers from OCD, a few methods are used to treat the condition and help individuals take control back from it. Many turn toward seeing an OCD psychiatrist first. Talking to an OCD therapist helps a patient discover their feelings before they need to perform a task. This helps them recognize triggers, so they alter behavior when they have a situation where a trigger is presented. An OCD therapist puts a patient into situations where triggers are present and help them cope with their feelings without performing actions they had in the past.

OCD medication is another form of treatment used to help someone with this condition. Medication is often used in tandem with seeing an OCD therapist. The therapist monitors the client’s reactions to the medication and makes recommendations regarding dosages and frequency of use as needed.

If you have a loved one that you believe has OCD, seeking assistance from an OCD therapist near Haddonfield, NJ is an option. Contact Harmony Bay Wellness at [Direct] for help. Our facility provides primary mental health treatment in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We offer intensive outpatient programs as well as medication-assisted treatment programs when necessary. To find out more about us or schedule an appointment for an evaluation with a therapist, call [Direct].

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