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How Can a Personality Therapist Help

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Do you have beliefs about yourself that others tell you is not true? Do you find yourself in a constant internal war with yourself? Do you believe you have to do things in a very specific way, or something else will go wrong? You may benefit from working with a personality disorder therapist. Here at Harmony Bay Wellness near Moorestown, NJ, we can provide you with this type of one-on-one support to help you to find your way forward.

When Can a Personality Disorder Psychiatrist Help You?

A personality disorder psychiatrist is an individual that has extensive experience working closely with individuals facing a wide range of problems related to their personality. Their goal is to help understand what these problems are and then offer strategies and tools to help you make changes. Personality disorder psychiatry can be life-changing. It can give you tangible tools to help you find your way forward without feeling the frustration that comes with managing your condition.

There are many types of personality disorders. The symptoms you have may range widely as well. It is the goal of a personality disorder therapist to help you see what’s happening. That starts with a common diagnosis of conditions such as:

One of the ways a personality disorder therapist can help you is to, after diagnosing the condition, provide you with some insight into why this may be happening to you. Sometimes, it is due to childhood trauma that has not been resolved. Other times, it may be due to peer experiences – instances in which you experienced verbal abuse or relationship concerns that lead to these types of changes. There are many causes.

What Does Personality Disorder Therapy Include?

In personality disorder psychiatry, the goal of therapy is to provide education, solutions, and treatment positively. Your personality disorder therapy may include a range of steps to help you, such as working one-on-one with a trusted therapist to open up about what may have happened to you. In other cases, it may be opening up about your thought patterns and learning how to change them. The goal is not to change who you are, but to give you more control over your outcome and the way you live.

What Type of Care Is Right for You?

When you work with a personality disorder therapist near Moorestown, NJ, you will gain insight into what is happening to you and how to overcome the struggles you are facing. Generally, there are numerous types of care options available to you based on your symptoms. This may include the use of personality disorder medication. It nearly always includes personality disorder psychiatry, which involves talking openly to your therapist and, in some cases, in groups. Our team also empowers you by providing a wide range of treatment programs designed to support you. Those that you engage in will be different than others because we offer customized treatment.

Your personality disorder treatment may include:

What is most important to you right now is to realize there is help for you. If you are struggling with negative thought patterns that put you at risk, invest the time into finding the support you need.

Invest in Your Future at Harmony Bay Wellness

A personality disorder therapist near Moorestown, NJ, is available to you at Harmony Bay Wellness. Are you ready to embrace change? Seek out personality disorder therapy from an organization that’s ready to provide you with exceptional support. Call our counselors at [Direct] to learn more.

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