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Medication Assisted Treatment Services

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Overcoming addiction or substance use disorder is a challenge. For some kinds of substance abuse, like opioids, medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is necessary. This treatment uses medications, along with counseling, to treat an individual’s addiction and prevent relapse. Typically, professionals use medication-assisted treatment as a means of dealing with opioid addiction from prescription painkillers or heroin. However, it can also be a path to treating alcohol use disorder or alcoholism. Harmony Bay Wellness provides medication-assisted treatment counseling to help patients heal from dependency and then enter the treatment program they need to address their addiction issues.

For more information on medication-assisted treatment, read more below and get in touch with Harmony Bay Wellness for an initial assessment today.


The two most common medications used during MAT are methadone and Suboxone. A generic drug, patients take methadone daily for opioid addiction. As patients progress with the medication, professionals monitor patients and gradually weaned off of it as they move through treatment. Suboxone is the brand name of a medication combining two other medications (buprenorphine and naloxone). Rather than receiving daily doses at a facility until medical professionals deem it no longer necessary like methadone, Suboxone is a prescription medication. Patients can fill their prescriptions and take the medication on their own without supervision.

However, at Harmony Bay Wellness, our medication-assisted treatment counseling include the following as well as Suboxone:

  • Antabuse: Taken orally, this medication helps with alcohol use disorder or what is often called alcoholism. It blocks alcohol’s effects on the body, allowing individuals to make a smoother transition from detox to treatment.
  • Vivitrol: This prescription drug is used for both opioid and alcohol abuse. It is injectable and reduces cravings helping to prevent relapse.
  • Sublocade: Another injected medication for relieving the effects of opioid addiction. However, this must be administered by a professional and can only be used after having been prescribed other medications.
  • Naltrexone: This medication is taken orally for either alcohol use disorder or opioid addiction.

Each of these medications serves a different function. Sometimes our medical professionals will use these in combination with other medications and behavioral therapy to treat patients. However, the treatment plan will always be discussed with the individual for the best results.


With our medication-assisted treatment counseling, we provide close supervision to make sure patients not only get the right dosage but don’t abuse the drugs themselves. In MAT, the specific dosages of the chosen medications can help individuals with their recovery journey, but if not strictly monitored could lead to other issues. Throughout detox and treatment, medical professionals ensure patients are administering the correct dosage. Also, we watch for withdrawal symptoms and potentially dangerous side effects. How long clients stay on their MAT medications varies. For instance, some may only need help during the detox process, while others need the medication throughout treatment.

If you’re seeking to break the cycle of addiction, medication-assisted treatment can help to manage your cravings and get you started on your journey to recovery.


After receiving our medication-assisted treatment counseling in Voorhees, NJ, patients need to look towards addressing the root causes of their addiction. Often, this means examining mental health issues. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we provide patients dealing with alcohol use disorder or prescription opioid addiction, a wide range of comprehensive and effective therapies. For example, some of our therapeutic options include:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma therapy

These, as well as other treatments, give patients at Harmony Bay Wellness the best chance at recovery and lasting sobriety. So contact us today at [Direct] to learn more.

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