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The Importance Of A PTSD Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

If you struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, you are likely to want your symptoms to cease so you can get on with your life as it was before you experienced a traumatic event. One way to obtain peace of mind when dealing with trauma like this is to see a PTSD therapist and explore the various treatment options they provide. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our experienced counselors and therapists can help individuals struggling with trauma. Seeking help from our PTSD therapist near Lawnside, NJ is an important first step in dealing with this condition.

You Have Someone To Speak With About Your Feelings

When you seek help from a PTSD therapist, you have the peace of mind knowing someone is available to listen to your concerns anytime you wish. Your PTSD therapist is there to help you through your feelings as they occur. They know how to divert your attention to the important aspects attributed to your feeling and offer assistance in coping with them with positivity rather than anxiety. Your therapist is available via phone, text, email, and in-person sessions.

Group Sessions Are Beneficial To Receive And Give Help To Others

Meeting with a PTSD therapist doesn’t just occur on a one-on-one basis. In many cases, clients looking for help with PTSD will be asked to participate in group sessions with a PTSD therapist monitoring the activities performed. This gives you the benefit of speaking to others who have the same feelings as you do. They are there to let others know what worked for them regarding coping mechanisms. You may learn how to properly attack your feelings to change them to positive situations rather than lead to anxiety and depression. You also have the opportunity to share your own stories with others in a group session, helping the other participants learn from your actions.

Different Scenarios Are Explored To Find The Right Way To Cope

During a session, whether individuals with a therapist or during a group session, scenarios are presented to those struggling with PTSD to see how they respond. The PTSD therapy session will help explore ways to cope using positivity rather than negative responses. The therapist will help someone with this condition realize what triggers their negative feelings to be combatted appropriately as needed. Not all coping mechanisms work for all who struggle with this condition. Finding the right one can take a while, but the answer is found quicker with a professional’s help. The need for medication is also taken into consideration. Some PTSD patients find they fare better with a mix of regular therapy-based techniques in tandem with medication.

Motivation To Get Through Hard Times Is Provided

When you have PTSD therapy sessions regularly, motivation to find answers to your troubles escalates. Your therapist helps make recommendations on coping with positivity, making your motivation boost itself as you anticipate treating your condition. Motivation is also a big part of group sessions as participants find ways to come up with positive answers to handle difficult situations.

Let Harmony Bay Wellness Help

If you have PTSD, seeking assistance from Harmony Bay Wellness near Lawnside, NJ, is an option to keep in mind. We use a blend of therapy-based actions along with PTSD medication if necessary. We provide both individual and group therapy sessions with our PTSD psychiatry team, allowing you to explore different options in your treatment. Do not continue to suffer from PTSD on your own. Reach out to Harmony Bay Wellness today by calling our office at [Direct] to find out more about the programs available for those who struggle with PTSD.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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