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The New Heroes: Supporting the Essential Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

They get up in the morning. Do their normal morning routine – but all alone, in the guest room or the basement. Coffee from a make-due coffee pot – probably an old Mr.Coffee that was dug out of the donation pile. Perhaps it’s from a press pot that someone got for Christmas. They make coffee for one. Doing so because they are scared to interact with their family. They video conference with their kids from the basement to say have a good day – afraid to spread Coronavirus or COVID-19. The horrors essential healthcare workers see every day. You see the headlines: ‘Hospital like a war zone’ – lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) – sterilizing single-use N-95 masks because there are not enough. Watching people suffer while they are doing all they can to help.


Doctors, nurses, techs, administrators hold the boundaries. They keep the patients flowing. Health department employees conduct testing and answer questions. Pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and IT personnel continue to keep everyone connected. EMTs, firefighters, police, and insurance company employees all try to ensure everyone knows their benefits and where to go. As do grocery store employees, pharmacy employees, nursing home personnel, funeral home personnel.  I am sure there are more I am missing, but everyone who is doing their part to help keep people safe and get them well.

These are the heroes of today.  We should herald these people as saviors.  Italy is singing to them from their balconies. The UK is lining up all their police cars and turning on their lights and sirens, every evening. There is a videocast of people applauding essential healthcare workers.

Essential healthcare workers are helping all of us, and putting their lives at risk while doing so. These are the people we can look up to during a time like this, and should be receiving more support from not only the people that directly benefit, but from society as a whole.


The residents of Ormond Beach, NJ, are making and displaying paper hearts in their windows to show thanks. There is a #solidarityat8. This is when people across the US are asked to clap and yell thanks from their windows every night at 8 pm to show their support and thanks. Also, there is an emotional support hotline for healthcare workers in NYC 1-844-863-9314.

There have been numerous donations sent to hospitals – Harmony Bay Wellness included – of food, K-cup coffee pods, drinks, hand sanitizer, sewn masks – anything to help keep them going and try to keep them safe.  We all need to do our part – stay home and show our appreciation.

What are you doing?


Harmony Bay Wellness is offering a free online weekly support group with a licensed therapist every Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. EST for any healthcare workers/essential personnel who would like to video conference in and participate. So whether you’re in Cherry Hill NJ or Voorhees NJ or Washington Township NJ, you can speak with a therapist or psychiatrist.

This support group is meant to help those who help us. We want you to know that we care, and that your worries matter to us. We understand that you need support, too.



Every Tuesday @ 9:00 AM EST

Every Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 707 535 492           Password: 707535492


To access this meeting by phone without video, dial 646-558-8656.


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