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The Power of a Support System

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

The Power of a Support System

When facing mental health issues, you may feel like you’re all alone – but that doesn’t mean you have to go through mental health treatment alone. If you are going through depression treatment, anxiety treatment, family therapy, individual therapy, relationship counseling, or any type of mental health treatment in general, a support system is going to be key to your positive path forward. In fact, having a support system can be extremely beneficial to your mental health challenges and overall quality of life.

Support systems come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. It can consist of one or two of your closest family members, a whole group of friends, peers, neighbors, faith leaders, teachers. Your mental health support system doesn’t have to be one large group of people. It can be people from all areas of your life. Anyone who you trust and respect, and can provide the same to you in return, can be a part of your support system.

The Positive Impact of a Support System

Your support system can serve multiple purposes and each person within it can play a different role, depending on what you need. They can help be a sounding board for when you’re struggling with a difficult situation or need to make a tough decision. They can hold you accountable when you need a little extra help. They can be there when you just need to talk or for a shoulder to lean on.

There are some legitimate benefits associated with having a strong support system. It can help you combat loneliness and depression and can influence your physical health. Who you surround yourself with impacts things you wouldn’t necessarily think of such as how much alcohol you drink, how often you exercise, what types of foods you eat, etc. There will always be negative influences out there, but if you fill your support system with people who have a positive impact on these aspects of your life, it will also help boost your mental health. This is where your friends, family members, co-workers, peers, and whoever else you deem worthy can be your motivation to do better.

Finding a Mental Health Support System

You may be having a hard time thinking of people who you can turn to in times of need – and that’s okay. Here are some ways you can build and strengthen your support system.

  • Reach out – Catch up with family or friends. Something as simple as a text message or a phone call can help get a meaningful conversation going.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – Explore different peer groups in your area that align with the mental health challenge you are facing. You might find a support group that can help connect you with people who are going through similar experiences as you, and who may also be looking to build their support system.
  • Ask around – See if your place of worship, local library, or community center offers any events or groups that you can participate in.

Mental Health Treatment at Harmony Bay Wellness

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we’re here to help you on your quest for a better quality of life. We offer numerous mental health treatments including depression treatment, anxiety treatment, family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and relationship counseling. Don’t have a support system yet? We’ll be the first one for you and help you learn ways to build and strengthen your own.

For more information on the services and treatments we provide, contact us today by calling 855.857.6050.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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