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Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life

young man looking stressed out at home

April is stress awareness month As the world around us starts to open back up, there are lots of stressors that can come to the surface. Between work, school, family life, relationships, and trying to balance a social life, things get stressful. While stress feels like it’s inevitable, it’s important to take a step back…

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The Power of a Support System

people doing group discussion

The Power of a Support System When facing mental health issues, you may feel like you’re all alone – but that doesn’t mean you have to go through mental health treatment alone. If you are going through depression treatment, anxiety treatment, family therapy, individual therapy, relationship counseling, or any type of mental health treatment in…

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How Family Can Help With Personality Disorder Therapy

family in a circle after personality disorder collinswood nj

A personality disorder impacts the way a person thinks and feels about themselves and others. It can lead to complex problems in day-to-day life. For those with a personality disorder near Collinswood, NJ, our team at Harmony Bay Wellness can help. We offer programs designed to support your best outcome, including working with your family…

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How to Overcome Childhood Trauma

Woman elementary school teacher testing talking to girl

For the most part, children are considered highly resilient. It is the child’s ability to bounce back from nearly any situation that has led to this characterization. Nonetheless, there are childhood experiences that, unless resolved, can affect an individual well into adulthood. Childhood trauma therapy and family issues therapy can be helpful tools while healing your inner child. Childhood…

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How to Let go of Negative Thought Patterns in a Relationship

partners learning to let go of negative thought patterns

There are many different things that can destroy a great relationship. Although cheating may be the first thing that comes to mind, experts say negative thinking or overthinking can ruin relationship easier than anything else. To maintain a healthy relationship, it is important to take notice of your unhealthy habits and behaviors such as negative…

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Does My Son Need a Depression Therapist?

son talking with his new depression therapist near Salem County NJ

It is hard to imagine that your child may need depression therapy. After all, you may not understand why they are facing these symptoms or what they are going through personally. That is common. Yet, if your son has signs of this condition, seeking out a trusted and experienced depression therapist is one of the…

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How to Deal with the Disappointment of Canceled Halloween Events and Safe Ways to Celebrate

family safely celebrating Halloween

Halloween activities bring joy to children and families across the United States each year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some Halloween traditions to look different this year. The CDC released new guidelines indicating that some Halloween activities may not be safe during the pandemic. For many adults and children, Halloween has a special place…

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Facing Fears of Coronavirus During Pregnancy

woman facing fears during Pregnancy And COVID-19

BIBS, BALLOONS, AND BASSINETS. That’s what I wanted to think of when I became pregnant with my twin babies. Being a first-time mom, I was filled with excitement, joy, and anxiety. I asked myself, “How am I going to be a full-time healthcare worker AND a mother of twins?” Not knowing the answer stirred up…

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When to Seek Family Therapy

A mother

At our core, we all want a family connection. However, if mental illness or substance abuse has corrupted and broken family relationships, that connection may be damaged. At this point, you may be wondering when to seek family therapy. If the dynamic in your home has shifted from loving and peaceful to toxic, it may…

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Benefits of Family Therapy

A therapist talks to a family about the benefits of family therapy

Your family has been coasting for far too long. You barely speak to each other, and when you do, you often fight. Unfortunately, it looks like you and your family are having trouble communicating with each other, even on a basic level. You don’t know what to do to bring your family back together. You’ve…

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