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The Purpose of a Personality Disorder Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

As you search for a personality disorder therapist near Lawnside, NJ, it’s time to see what Harmony Bay Wellness has to offer. We take the time necessary to match you with a therapist with the experience you need for your personality disorder. There are several types of personality disorders, but they are diagnosed by studying behavior patterns over a period of months or years. Your ability to control your own behavior, how you relate to other people, and how you respond to situations may all be impacted when you have a personality disorder. Therapy can help you improve relationships with other people and give you a better understanding of how your behavior impacts other people.

What It Means to Have a Personality Disorder

A personality disorder means that you don’t process information or deal with emotions like you would be expected to. Your disorder might be slight, or it could be disrupting every relationship you have in your life. Personality disorders take time to diagnose, and it is important to be honest with your therapist to get the help you need to move forward. You can get good control of your symptoms and learn better coping skills. A therapist will give you the professional opinion you sometimes need to figure out the complexity of your life’s relationships.

Do You Have a Personality Disorder?

It’s important to seek professional help if you believe that you have a personality disorder. It takes time to diagnose a personality disorder, and only a personality disorder psychiatrist or therapist can diagnose you. If you have a hard time getting along with other people or having a long history of bad relationships, figuring out what is going on in your life can help. You might have a personality disorder if:

  • You have trouble regulating your emotions.
  • Your response to situations is vastly different than those of other people.
  • Your personal relationships are always difficult.
  • You aren’t sure what is going on, but life always feels hard.

When you get the help you need for a personality disorder, it becomes easier to navigate daily life. You can’t be cured of a personality disorder, but you can learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings better to be more productive and get along with other people.

Strategies to Reduce Your Stress Levels

When you participate in therapy, you will discover that stress management is essential to deal with your bipolar disorder symptoms. You might be encouraged to go out in nature or to write in a journal to put your feelings on paper. If you are trying to reduce your stress levels, you could:

  • Join a group therapy session to meet other people dealing with similar problems
  • Avoid isolation by calling a friend or family member.
  • Taking a walk outside to get your body moving
  • Learn a new hobby, such as painting, crochet, or knitting

If you find ways to keep yourself occupied, you will discover that your stress levels decrease. When you have too much time to dwell on things that happen in your life, it can hard to get yourself out of vicious cycles of worrying. Take the time to learn new activities and reach out for help from a therapist when you cannot get your stress levels down.

Find a Personality Disorder Therapist Now

At Harmony Bay Wellness, we will match you with a personality disorder therapist near Lawnside, NJ, and the surrounding area to get the support you deserve. Contact us today at [Direct] and learn more about the various programs we have to give you the care and attention you need to heal. Help is available through personality disorder therapy or a personality disorder psychiatrist, but you have to reach out to find the right assistance.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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