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Manage Your Anxiety with an Anxiety Therapist Near Berlin, NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety occasionally. However, if it persists to the point where you find yourself losing control, you may require treatment from an anxiety therapist near Berlin, NJ. People suffering from an anxiety disorder have a real medication that should receive treatment from a medical professional. You’ll find qualified anxiety therapists in New Jersey ready to help you at Harmony Bay Wellness treatment center.

If you or a loved one are having trouble managing your anxiety symptoms, we may be able to help. Learn more about anxiety and how Harmony Bay Wellness makes it possible for patients to find relief.

What Causes Anxiety to Develop?

Anxiety is our body’s way of reacting to settings that appear dangerous, unfamiliar, or stressful. It brings about feelings of uneasiness or distress before entering a situation. Some forms of anxiety develop from specific phobias, such as heights or animals. Others may develop anxiety as a reaction to a traumatic situation in their past.

The emotions people experience is disproportionate to the situation at hand. It gets to the point where fear becomes debilitating and keeps people from living a healthy life. You may get to a point where you avoid social situations because of your worries. At Harmony Bay Wellness, you can receive treatment from an anxiety therapist near Berlin, NJ. That could be key to helping you get past the fears holding you back in life.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

If you believe you suffer from anxiety, it’s best to get a psychiatric evaluation from a qualified mental health professional. It would also be beneficial to receive a full physical exam and find out if you have any other health conditions that could be causing your anxiety.

People suffering from anxiety typically experience the following:

  • Persistent worries that interfere with daily functions
  • Sudden panic attacks brought on by the fear of a situation or object
  • Having nightmares or flashbacks to events that happened in the past
  • Having an irrational fear of objects, places, or situations
  • Avoidance of social settings because of fear of judgment or being humiliated

Our Harmony Bay Wellness anxiety treatment therapists near Berlin, NJ, can help you develop tools to control your reactions.

What Does an Anxiety Treatment Program Involve?

At Harmony Bay Wellness, an anxiety therapist will choose the best course of treatment depending on your condition. Many patients respond well to cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps people change their thinking when it comes to real-life situations. One of our anxiety therapists in Berlin, NJ, may also recommend medication to help control your physical anxiety reactions.

Anxiety medications are prescribed as needed based on symptoms. Anxiety psychiatry is used closely in relation with anxiety therapy sessions to further reduce symptoms. The psychiatrist will ask about symptoms and results of medications and may communicate with your therapist as well.

Other forms of treatment could include group and family sessions. It may be beneficial to hear the perspective of others in helping you work through your illness. Harmony Bay Wellness anxiety therapists are committed to helping you find the right tools to navigate life healthily.

What Should My Next Steps Be to Receive Anxiety Treatment?

Receiving treatment from an anxiety therapist near Berlin, NJ could be what you need to overcome the symptoms of your illness. Harmony Bay Wellness offers patients the chance to participate in a variety of treatment programs, including:

  • Psychiatric evaluations for patients: These evaluations allow our counselors and therapists to develop a better understanding of the mental health issues patients are confronting.
  • Medication-assisted treatment: For individuals struggling with substance use disorder, MAT is a program to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • Family therapy treatment: Often, individuals will find the core of their mental and emotional issues spring from their interactions and relationships with family. Our family therapy helps all those involved develop a deeper, more complete understanding.
  • Intensive outpatient therapy treatment: This program is excellent for individuals who can’t commit to a residential program because of work, family, or school but know they need treatment to help them address and overcome their substance use disorder or mental health issues.

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Treatment with Harmony Bay

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