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Get Help with a Depression Therapist Near Blackwood, NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Depression alters our perception of the world. It causes us to experience emotional lows that make it challenging to find the good in life. It’s not the same thing as experiencing sadness from a life event or other stresses in life. Depression persists for long periods, making us think we’ll never find a way out. Harmony Bay Wellness offers patients the chance to receive treatment from a depression therapist near Blackwood, NJ. Find out more about how you can find a way to get relief from your depression.

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What Causes Depression to Develop?

Depression often develops due to a complex mix of factors. Some people may be genetically prone to depression. Others may experience a traumatic event or experience childhood trauma that continues to affect them. The disease of depression influences how you think and react to different situations in life.

Because the root cause of the disease can be complicated, it’s not something many people can manage alone. Harmony Bay Wellness understands the helplessness those battling depression feel on a day to day basis. That’s why we offer treatment from the best depression therapists near Blackwood, NJ. We don’t want people to continue suffering without providing some much-need support.

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How Do I Recognize the Symptoms of Depression?

Some typical signs of depression to look out for include:

  • Feelings of sadness or depression that don’t go away
  • Not having the energy to accomplish what you want during the day
  • Problems sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Having no interest in previously enjoyable activities or hobbies
  • An inability to focus or make decisions
  • Constant thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Harmony Bay Wellness provides you with the opportunity to receive treatment from a qualified depression therapist near Blackwood, NJ. It’s also best to receive a full medical evaluation from a medical profession. That allows them to rule out any other physical issues that could be driving your problems with depression.

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How Do You Treat Depression?

If you are diagnosed with a mild form of depression, you may benefit solely from some form of talk therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy often benefits patients by helping them focus on what’s happening in the present and how to solve problems.

A combination may treat more severe forms of depression with medication and therapy. At Harmony Bay Wellness, depression psychiatrists and therapists create treatment plans suited to the unique condition of each patient. Our goal is to find a way to treat depression in patients holistically with psychiatric services and psychotherapy. We do what we can to ensure future success after undergoing treatment in one of our programs.

What Are the Next Steps for Getting Help With Depression?

If you’re ready to receive help for your depression, Harmony Bay Wellness offers you the chance to receive treatment from a quality depression therapist near Blackwood, NJ. You will find a diverse array of treatment options available through our facility, including:

  • Intensive outpatient therapy: This condensed form of treatment gives individuals who can’t enter a residential program all the same quality of treatment but shorten and around their schedule, allowing them to continue to live and work as normal.
  • Individual therapy program: Perhaps the cornerstone to mental health treatment is working one-on-one with a counselor or therapist.
  • Group therapy program: For some individuals, hearing how others dealt with or are dealing with their issues and finding support from others going through similar experiences gives them the confidence they need to address their mental health issues.
  • Family therapy program: For many, the family is the most important part of their lives. Thus, learning how to be supportive and enact positive, healthy interactions is key.
  • Medication management program: Some individuals need medication to address their mental health issues, and as they do, they also need help making sure they take their medication at the right times, consistently, and at the right dosage.

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Treatment with Harmony Bay

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