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Do I Need a Trauma Therapist?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

How do you know you need help after a traumatic event? It’s difficult to determine since trauma impacts people in many different ways. Working with a trauma therapist near Moorestown, NJ, can be a wise decision in any situation, even if you are unsure if you need it. For those with significant symptoms, it can be one of the most important decisions you make. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our trauma psychiatry services are designed to support your needs.

Signs You Could Benefit from a Trauma Therapist Near Moorestown, NJ

Trauma changes a person and impacts the way the brain functions. In trauma psychiatry, it is possible to gain control over what’s happening and to restore some of the normalcy to the way you interact with the world around you. You may benefit from working with a trauma therapist if you have some of these signs:

  • Shock and denial are components of your life
  • You feel disconnected or numb
  • Anxiety and fear are developing
  • Your feel unexplained guilt, shame, or blame yourself for something occurring
  • Concentration and mental focus are difficult to maintain

In these situations, you may benefit from working with a trauma therapist near Moorestown, NJ. You may also benefit if you have nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and mood swings. Some people also benefit from care if they have a loss of memory or a loss of time.

What Can a Trauma Psychiatrist Do for You?

In addition to seeing these signs, you also want to consider the outcome of working with a trauma psychiatrist. For some people, they can make a big difference in your quality of life. For example, you may be able to break the connection to a place or experience and the physical reaction you have. For those with post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, it is possible to stop reliving those memories over and over again. This is common in men and women who have been through a natural disaster or war. You may be afraid of loud sounds or storms as a result of these thoughts.

When you work through trauma psychiatry, you learn how to process information better, too. You learn when you really should have anxiety or fear and when those feelings are unfounded. As a direct result, you may feel more empowered to change those thought patterns and improve the way you feel.

What Happens When You Seek Trauma Psychiatry?

When you seek out a trauma therapist, you take the first step in gaining more control over your future. That may mean working with a trauma psychiatrist using talk therapy to process what’s happened and why. Your therapist will not make you relive those experiences. The goal is to help you to understand what happened but not to experience them again.

In addition to this, your trauma therapist near Moorestown, NJ, can also work closely with you to help balance what’s happening. That may include using trauma medication to ease anxiety and depression symptoms. They can help you to develop a customized treatment plan to address your specific concerns. When you work through our trauma therapy program at Harmony Bay Wellness, you gain comprehensive support for all of your needs.

We offer the programs you need. This includes:

Invest in Your Ability to Overcome Trauma by Calling Harmony Bay Wellness

Working with a trauma therapist near Moorestown, NJ, could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your future. With trauma psychiatry, you can not just to overcome what happened to you, but rebuild your life despite it. At Harmony Bay Wellness, we can help you with comprehensive trauma therapy. Call our counselors at [Direct] today.

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