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Facing Fears of Coronavirus During Pregnancy



That’s what I wanted to think of when I became pregnant with my twin babies. Being a first-time mom, I was filled with excitement, joy, and anxiety. I asked myself, “How am I going to be a full-time healthcare worker AND a mother of twins?” Not knowing the answer stirred up many fears.

As time progressed during my first trimester, I started to recognize that I would not have all the answers I wanted. I also recognized that I had to be OKAY with that. It was important to practice self-awareness and meditation to become grounded in the present day. If I lived in the future, there is no way I would be able to stay calm for my little girl and the little boy inside my belly.

During the second trimester, I started to feel GREAT! It felt amazing to walk around and not feel like vomiting all the time. I read in my baby books that the second trimester would be a walk in the park.


One week in March, the bold letters glared from my TV screen reading, “STAY AT HOME ORDER – DEADLY VIRUS.” When the Covid-19 restrictions occurred, the same question I asked myself, in the beginning, came up again. The difference now was, “How am I going to be OKAY as a full-time healthcare worker AND pregnant with twins?” That question REALLY scared me to death. Watching the news did not help my fears, as the negative picture reel of patients in hospital beds haunted my dreams. I wondered, “Would that be me soon?”

It can be really difficult to reframe your negative thinking patterns when hard facts continue to show up for you daily. I can remember the phone call I got when I had to attend my fetal growth ultrasound. Up to this point, my partner was able to come with me to share the love and joy of watching our babies on a screen. My doctor shared that my partner would no longer be able to come with me to doctor appointments and that all my visits would be limited by 50 percent. The feelings of anxiety, fear, and anger all came racing through my body. It all did not seem fair to have this experience robbed from me.


All I can say is, being pregnant is such a beautiful experience, and sometimes it is hard to find a silver lining in a global pandemic. For me, this only makes me feel so much more confident from the question I asked myself in the beginning. I CAN do this, but not alone. YOU can do this too, but don’t go it alone. Here are four tips from me, a mom and healthcare worker, that help me stay connected and grounded through the experience of pregnancy during COVID-19:

  1. Leaning on my support network is imperative during this time. It’s nice to reach out to pregnant moms to FEEL like you are not the only one.
  2. Attending online support meetings and reading inspirational articles helps me get through the day. It creates a sense of hope and peace for a future ahead.
  3. Another exciting tip is…getting ready for these bundles of joy! Nursery planning is a HUGE positive distraction that can help alleviate anxiety and fear. I love looking at Pinterest and social media to create a vision for my babies’ room.
  4. Give yourself a break. I have to remind myself regularly that I am growing two lives, and I’m not perfect. This doesn’t make me a bad mom. It helps to lock into a routine of calling people that help build you up when you’re feeling low.

Just remember that in a time of fear, chaos, and tragedy – WE were able to fight on the frontlines of being pregnant during a global pandemic. That is a story our kids will know in the history books forever.


If you are pregnant or you are a new mom looking for help or support to manage anxiety, depression, or fears related to coronavirus during pregnancy, contact Harmony Bay Wellness today at [Direct]. There is help and support during these uncertain and challenging times.


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