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How Trauma Therapy Can Help Women

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Trauma impacts people in various ways. For many women, it leads to changes in personality, behavior, and confidence. Yet, with proper trauma therapy near Collinswood, NJ, it is possible to regain many of these losses and create a healthy future. The key is to embrace trauma psychiatry for all it can offer. Our team at Harmony Bay Wellness can help you make those changes.

Why Trauma Therapy Is Vital for Women

When women face trauma, they are at a higher risk for:

  • Developing post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Experiencing longer, more significant negative outcomes
  • Maintaining post-traumatic symptoms longer
  • Experiencing a sensitivity to stimuli that remind them of what happened
  • Developing physical problems from the event

While this is the case, trauma therapy can minimize the impact. The sooner this type of treatment is sought, the more likely a person is to overcome the trauma and reclaim their mental health.

What Happens When Women Experience Trauma Therapy?

When women experience trauma, they may have strong feelings of despair, guilt, and shame and feel meaningless. Some women display this through outbursts or impulsiveness. Others strain under physical problems and a lack of sleep. With the help of a trauma psychiatrist, many of these symptoms can dramatically improve.

During treatment with a trauma psychiatrist, women can better understand why they feel the way they do. A key initial goal is to determine if a person’s problems result from previous neglect or abuse. Sometimes, these challenges are brought on by constant and ongoing stress. The secondary step is to determine the trauma’s severity to assign the proper treatment method and model.

In trauma therapy, women may learn how to control their outcome through a series of sessions. Some of the ways they may do this include:

  • Learning What Causes the Pain: You don’t need to relive what happened. You do need to learn what it was that put you in this position. From there, it’s possible to break the connection from what happened to the pain you experience today. Often, learning to pinpoint this cause allows you to move beyond self-blame.
  • Setting Boundaries: Women need to learn to set boundaries, both mentally and physically, to enable them to overcome the symptoms they have. Giving yourself the right to speak your mind or express emotions, for example, helps. Some may need to learn to say no with confidence.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: A trauma psychiatrist also needs to provide support for what’s happening now. That may be dealing with challenges in relationships or overcoming challenges at work. Many women need to learn practical strategies to deal with stress and overcome triggers that make them feel and experience intense symptoms.

How to Find the Ideal Trauma Therapy Near Collinswood, NJ For You

Our team at Harmony Bay Wellness offers a comprehensive program to address each one of your unique needs. After a full assessment, you may be prescribed trauma medications to help with the underlying mental health disorders of stress and depression. Trauma medication is not enough for most people. That’s where our trauma therapist comes into play. We offer a range of programs that may help you, including:

Invest in Your Future with Help from Harmony Bay Wellness

With trauma therapy near Collinswood, NJ, available, you can change the course of your future. Our team at Harmony Bay Wellness offers the range of solutions and support you need. Learn about our trauma psychiatry program and how much it can help you create a new path for your future. To learn more, call [Direct] or connect with us online today.

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