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The Benefits of Seeing an OCD Therapist Near Berlin, NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Have you ever found yourself double-checking that you locked the door before walking away? That’s a normal thing to do as you want to ensure the security of your property while you’re gone. For those living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), they often feel compelled to repeat such actions over and over. If you’ve found yourself trapped in such loops to where you can’t function normally, treatment by an OCD therapist near Berlin, NJ could be crucial to your well-being.

What Is OCD?

People with OCD have a mental illness that drives them to repeat actions or continuously experience unwanted thoughts or sensations. Some with OCD may experience one or the other, while others experience both effects of the disorder.

You may have noticed yourself or a loved one not being able to leave a room unless you’ve rearranged chairs into a specific pattern. Another way OCD may manifest itself is making people feel compelled to wash their hands an exact number of times to feel clean.

These experiences are not pleasant for those with OCD. It may get to where the thoughts or actions take up an enormous amount of time, interfering with the flow of your day. If you or a loved one feel trapped by your behaviors, help from an OCD therapist near Berlin, NJ could be just what you need.

What Causes the Development of OCD?

People who experience compulsions because of OCD become trapped in learned behaviors. It’s a way of relieving themselves from feelings of anxiety. Researchers believe factors like genetics and the surrounding environment of a person also play a role in the development of OCD. However, there’s still a lot we need to learn about OCD and its causes. At Harmony Bay Wellness, our OCD therapists near Berlin, NJ work to educate patients about their illness.

What Are the Symptoms of OCD?

People with OCD typically fall into four different categories:

  • Those who keep checking things over and over
  • Individuals who fear to get contaminated
  • Those who feel compelled to achieve symmetry in everything or put things in order
  • People who become obsessed with a specific line thought

Below are symptoms you may already experience:

  • Constant worry about getting hurt
  • Feeling the need to count everything
  • Always performing tasks in a specific order
  • Being constantly aware of breathing or other sensations in the body
  • Fear of touching objects or people

How Do You Treat OCD?

Most treatment plans for OCD involve some form of psychotherapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a popular choice for OCD treatment. It helps you learn problem-solving skills they can use to break them out of their obsessions or compulsions. An OCD therapist near Berlin, NJ, may also recommend medication management treatment to ease more severe symptoms.

Seeing an OCD psychiatrist in conjunction with therapy provides OCD medication to further reduce symptoms. OCD psychiatry and therapy together help you live the life you deserve.

What Are the Next Steps for Getting OCD Treatment?

Harmony Bay Wellness provides patients with access to the best OCD therapists near Berlin, NJ. Treatment for OCD is not meant to function as a cure. However, our diverse programs offer you the chance to learn management skills that could make the symptoms manageable and free you from disruptions.

  • Individual therapy program: Working one-on-one with a counselor or therapist, individuals identify, explore, and address their mental health issues.
  • Group therapy program: This kind of therapy brings together individuals all undergoing similar issues so they can share and support one another as they address and resolve their mental health issues.
  • Intensive outpatient program: IOP is a common program for individuals who can afford to take time away from work, school, or family as a standard residential program requires but still want treatment for their issues. It delivers a condensed form of high-quality treatment but built around the individual’s scheduling, allowing them to live at home.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation: One of the keys to understanding a client’s needs is evaluation. It gives our mental health experts an understanding of the issues confronting clients and the best way to design treatment.

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