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Recovering with a Trauma Therapist Near Berlin, NJ

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

We don’t always recognize what past damaging experiences cause us to feel in the present. You may go through life, thinking you’re fine until a smell or the sight of something in the corner of your eye brings bad memories flooding back. It may get to where you avoid people and situations because of your issues. Treatment by a trauma therapist near Berlin, NJ, could help you learn to function normally.

How Do I Know If I’m Experiencing Trauma?

People react differently to traumatic situations. Some people can continue functioning without too many future issues. Others find themselves unable to shake it from their thoughts and psyche. You may work hard to suppress how you feel, only to have others point out your unusual behaviors and actions.

You could experience trauma from many situations, including:

  • Returning from war as a member of the armed services
  • Living through a natural disaster
  • Surviving an accident
  • Working in the medical field where you treat patients in life-or-death situations
  • The fallout from a physical or emotionally abusive relationship
  • The death of someone you love
  • Childhood abuse or neglect

If you think you have unresolved issues tied to trauma, you could be helped by going to see a trauma therapist near Berlin, NJ. Harmony Bay Wellness offers you the chance to receive help in healing from your trauma and moving forward in life.

What Are the Symptoms of Trauma?

People express trauma in different forms. Often, they do so in ways they do not recognize. If you or a loved one experience any of the below symptoms, it might benefit you to get treatment from a trauma therapy specialist near Berlin, NJ.

  • You find your eating habits shifting
  • You experience random feelings of sadness or exhaustion
  • Your activity levels drop to where you don’t feel like doing anything
  • You always find yourself feeling irritable
  • You indulge in self-destructive behaviors
  • It’s difficult to concentrate on tasks
  • You experience flashbacks when confronted with triggers like sights, smells, or sounds
  • You maintain a constant state of hypervigilance

Besides trauma therapy, Harmony Bay Wellness offers other mental health treatment programs that may help work through your issues. You can break through the trauma that keeps you from healing. You can find a way forward by receiving help from a trauma therapist near Berlin, NJ.

What Treatments Are Available for Trauma?

At Harmony Bay Wellness, our trauma therapists near Berlin, NJ, can help you with finding the right treatments for your trauma. You may benefit from depression for therapy or addressing any self-esteem issues.

Some other programs and therapies that may help you recover from trauma include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This form of talk therapy examines the negative thoughts and conceptions an individual has of themselves and works to change this to a more positive and realistic understanding.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): A type of CBT, DBT deals with helping individuals learn how to control their emotions and express them appropriately in the right situations, to understand the emotional expressions of others, and to adjust their actions accordingly.
  • Learning coping skills: Often, individuals develop coping mechanisms that may not be the healthiest both physically and mentally. This kind of therapy looks to teach and future positive coping skills for triggers and other issues.
  • Peer group support: Some individuals find hearing the stories of how others address their issues, getting advice, and being supported by others going through similar issues gives them the boost they need to address their mental health issues.

Your therapist may recommend treatment through our medication management program if you have more severe symptoms of trauma. The trauma psychiatrist can provide medications to reduce symptoms while you continue trauma therapy sessions. Trauma psychiatry is not always necessary, but it is sometimes recommended based on the severity of symptoms.

What Are the Next Steps in Receiving Treatment for Trauma?

Harmony Bay Wellness works hard to make sure each patient receives individualized, holistic treatment for their problems. Some programs and therapies we offer include:

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Treatment with Harmony Bay

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