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4 Types of Trauma That Require a Trauma Therapist

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Harmony Bay Wellness near Lawnside, NJ, is committed to providing the right trauma therapist to meet your needs. We offer an intensive outpatient program, testing, trauma medication services, and other therapeutic services to overcome the trauma you are dealing with. Whether your trauma psychiatrist needs are based on one event, or you are struggling with complex trauma that has occurred over your lifetime, we provide services to give you the support and guidance you need to work through traumatic experiences.

Four Types of Trauma Commonly Diagnosed

Trauma of all types is an emotional and physical response to stress or danger. While all trauma can lead to out of control anxiety or depression, there are commonly diagnosed types of trauma teased out to develop a treatment plan that will be effective. Four types of trauma that are commonly seen include:

  • Acute trauma is a reaction to a stressful occurrence or a dangerous event
  • Chronic trauma from prolonged abuse or neglect
  • Complex trauma occurs when a person has been exposed to several stressful events
  • Vicarious trauma is a secondary trauma response that occurs when an individual experiences trauma based on the experiences of someone they are close to

Each type of trauma will need to be managed with the help of a trauma therapist, possibly trauma medication, and support to work through the problems that have cropped up because of the experience. Therapy, EMDR, medication, and other techniques can be used to deal with trauma symptoms.

What Trauma Looks Like

Trauma can manifest in a range of ways. A negative attitude can have roots in trauma, as can patterns of negative thinking. A person who has a history of trauma might feel hopeless or show symptoms of depression. Adults who have experienced trauma as a child might show a marked inability to make decisions, always trying to please everyone around them. Some people struggle to maintain boundaries in relationships, while others don’t push forward in their careers. A person experiencing acute trauma may have a clear inability to deal with day to day life. Identifying the trauma through therapy will help you develop a plan to get through the experience.

Trauma In Your Life

Acute trauma can be caused by an event, such as a divorce or a loved one’s death. While normal grieving is expected, you may struggle to work through your grieving process. A trauma therapist can help you move forward in your recovery, helping you deal with your strong feelings. The cause of chronic trauma can be domestic violence with an abusive partner, childhood neglect, or school bullying. The causes of chronic trauma are diverse, as each person responds differently from their own set of circumstances. Chronic trauma can lead to pain, exhaustion, feelings of depression, anxiety, or cause other symptoms.

Unpacking the Trauma You Experience

Complex trauma is a combination of acute trauma and possibly chronic trauma the individual is already dealing with. A person might have a history of being abused as a child, only to marry someone abusive. If a loved one suddenly dies, the individual will struggle with complex trauma that takes time to uncover. People with complex trauma require solid treatment to overcome difficulties. Vicarious trauma is common for people who work with trauma victims or have high-stress jobs where they deal with serious accidents and other trauma during a regular day.

Find a Trauma Therapist Today

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