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Do I Need a Trauma Therapist?

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Experiencing trauma in the past can spark one or more mental issues in the present. Finding a way to cope with your feelings is a concern you likely have. Meeting with a trauma therapist at Harmony Bay Wellness near Haddonfield, NJ, is an option to consider. Anyone can experience trauma. One of the things that makes trauma such a challenge to treat is that unrecognized trauma from the past or recent trauma experienced second-hand can impact an individual’s mental health. Thus, working with a trauma therapist can be beneficial, meeting an individual’s specific needs.

Note The Way You Feel Regularly

It is important to grasp the frequency of symptoms you experience as a result of the trauma you had experienced. Do you feel anxious, scared, depressed, or upset every day? Do you only feel this way some of the time? Does thinking about the trauma you went through make symptoms happen right away? Do you think about the trauma daily? Knowing how you feel daily helps determine what type of treatment you require to get back to a healthy and happy state. Consider writing down your feelings in a daily journal. This is helpful to look back upon whenever you feel symptoms start to arise. You may be able to pinpoint what triggers you to remember the traumatic incident, so they are avoidable in the future.

Learn How To Cope With Your Feelings

If you visit a trauma therapist, you are presented with many ways to cope with your feelings when they occur. Your trauma therapist discusses the incident you endured and helps you determine what actions to take to alleviate symptoms quickly and effectively. This includes speaking to your therapist one-on-one about the incident and the feelings you have daily, as well as speaking to others in group sessions. Many people find that talking to others who had similar experiences is extremely helpful in learning how to combat derogatory feelings as soon as they occur. Different strategies are discussed, and you have the opportunity to share your story with others to help them with their struggles as well.

Treatment Is Devised According To Your Needs

A trauma therapist helps in creating a treatment plan. It is difficult to try to get through mental anguish caused by a previous traumatic event on your own. Relying on a professional to assist with a discussion about the event leads to a detailed plan to learn how to cope with symptoms as soon as they occur. In some instances, medication is recommended to help with mental difficulties. A trauma therapist helps determine the appropriate dosage and frequency of medication usage while going through a treatment plan. If there is a need to change the medication amount or duration, your trauma therapist is available to tweak it as necessary.

If you are dealing with mental troubles because of a previous traumatic ordeal you went through, seeking help from one of our professionals at Harmony Bay Wellness near Haddonfield, NJ can help. Do not struggle through the process independently, as symptoms can worsen over time without appropriate treatment. Our facility offers many services, including:

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy/psychotherapy
  • Telehealth
  • Drug and alcohol assessment
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) testing
  • Group, family, and couples therapy

Harmony Bay Wellness near Haddonfield, NJ, provides intensive outpatient programs and medication-assisted treatment programs to help find answers for those struggling with mental health issues. To find out more about us, or schedule an appointment with a trauma therapist, call us today at [Direct]. We look forward to helping you take that first step in getting the necessary help for your health and happiness.

Treatment with Harmony Bay

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