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Signs of Depression

Nancy MacGregor MA, ATR-BC, LPC, ACS, Clinical Director

Everyone feels sad sometimes. Perhaps you’ve recently been fired from your job, and you’re not sure what to do next. Maybe you’ve recently been through a bad break-up. Perhaps a loved one has recently passed away. However, where does the feeling of simply being sad end, and actual clinical depression begin? At Harmony Bay Wellness, we have the answers to this question, and others you may have about mental health. If you live in Mount Laurel and you’re struggling with your mental health, the kind and compassionate therapists and psychiatrists at Harmony Bay are here to help.


The signs of depression may be different for everyone, but all people who suffer from depression have some symptoms in common. After all, each person is unique, and consequently, you may not show the same signs as someone you know who’s been through counseling for clinical depression. However, there are some common signs of depression that crop up more than others.


As we said before, sadness is a part of life. However, if your sadness lasts over two weeks, you may be showing signs of clinical depression that requires treatment. Additionally, if your sadness is causing lifestyle changes, such as using drugs or alcohol when you previously enjoyed life without them, that is a key sign that you need to seek therapy.


Maybe you previously enjoyed reading a good book or trying new recipes. If you don’t find these things enjoyable anymore, this may be one of the signs of depression. Moreover, if you don’t want to socialize or let people touch you, this may be another signal that something is wrong.


These symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people experience insomnia-that is, not being able to sleep. Others may sleep too much. Both can be dangerous to your health. If you find that your sleep patterns have changed in addition to other signs of depression, you may want to seek therapy. Moreover, if you experience a good deal of fatigue or loss of energy over an extended period, you may want to consider seeking psychiatric help.


This symptom is another one that can vary from person to person. Some people may find comfort from food, and gain a great deal of weight as a result. However, other people may not want to eat at all and lose a significant amount of weight. In either case, drastic changes in appetite and subsequent changes in weight can be a visible symptom of depression, where others are more internal. If friends or family members are voicing concerns about your weight, you may want to consider seeking a professional opinion on your mental health.


One definitive sign that you need to seek depression therapy is if you feel worthless or hopeless. These may feel overwhelming and discourage you from seeking therapy. However, it is critical for you to remember that you are not worthless, and when you seek therapy, there is hope. Thousands of people every year take the first step towards seeking help, and many find a path to recovery and a fulfilling life.


If you struggle with the signs of depression, you may feel isolated. However, we hope that you’ll remember that you aren’t alone. We want to help you. We offer therapy for depression, among other mental health disorders. When you enroll in our program, you’ll engage in a variety of therapeutic options, including:

If you’re wondering where there’s a great place to go for therapy near you in Mount Laurel, NJ, look no further than Harmony Bay Wellness. To learn more about the signs of depression, or to get started with treating your depression symptoms, contact Harmony Bay Wellness at [Direct]. Hope for tomorrow begins at Harmony Bay today.


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