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How to Be a Supportive to a Partner Who has a Mental Health Condition

couple on couch with supportive partner comforting other partner

Mental health conditions can take a toll on any marriage or relationship. Sometimes when we are with a partner who has a mental illness, it can seem overwhelming and emotional. Studies have shown that couples with a partner who has a mental illness can harm their spouse’s mental health. At times in a relationship, both…

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The Effect of Anxiety on your Relationships

individual comforting another dealing with anxiety in relationships

It’s not uncommon for there to be anxiety in relationships. However, when anxiety grows beyond ordinary worry it can become a serious issue that affects the mental well-being of those involved. If you suffer from anxiety, you are probably no stranger to the effects this mental health condition can have on your relationships. Living with…

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How Teachers can Manage Anxiety on Returning to School After COVID-19

teacher needing to learn how to manage anxiety

The first day of the school year always brings butterflies for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers are typically eager to meet their students for the first time, but due to COVID-19, many teachers have expressed their concerns about returning to the classroom. School districts are being presented with new social distancing challenges that they never…

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How Hiking Can Improve Your Mental Health

woman smiling showing how Hiking Improves Mental Health

Summer is the perfect time to get outside in nature and walk. Any type of walking has increased mental and physical health benefits, but studies have shown that walking in nature is more effective than taking a stroll through the city. Hiking can improve your mental health as can several other active therapies. At Harmony…

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6 Tips for Coping with Anxiety About Returning to College During COVID-19

Tips for coping with anxiety returning to college during covid

When COVID-19 first started, colleges across the country closed in efforts to help flatten the curve. If you are a college student (or any student for that matter), you were forced to leave your familiar routines behind. Classroom learning quickly transitioned to online learning, which created new struggles for many students, as online learning isn’t…

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Anxiety Therapist Camden NJ

anxiety therapist Camden NJ talking with patient

Anxiety is one of many types of mental health disorders. Though anxiety is considered a normal and even natural reaction to stimuli around you, there are times when your anxiety may become unfounded or misunderstood. Sometimes, anxiety can take over your day and lead to complications in various areas of your life. That is when…

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Pets and Mental Health

The powerful bond between pets and humans is undeniable. Our furry friends can provide a great source of comfort and companionship. Many pet owners consider pets as a member of their family, and no matter our background or age, we all can find joy and unconditional love in sharing our lives with pets.   Many…

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Anxiety of Returning to Work After Quarantine

man smiling after Returning to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order has left many individuals working from home or out of work due to the social distancing restrictions set in place to stop the spread of the virus. Although we faced a lot of anxiety in the beginning, we slowly became accustomed to our new way of life on lockdown. As…

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Music and Mental Health

woman enjoying coffee with headphones on showing connection between Music and Mental Health

Music can help us express our emotions through lyrics and sounds. Music has the power to change our mood, help motivate us through workouts, and calm us down when we are upset. According to the Journal of Positive Psychology, people who listen to upbeat music can improve their mood and happiness in as little as…

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