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Lyndsey Evangelista

Lyndsey Evangelista, MSW, LCSW

Lyndsey’s professional experience includes working with adults experiencing medical comorbidities along with symptoms of depression, anxiety, isolation, substance use, and trauma. She has experience working with younger individuals through experience as the President of the Drama Club in her undergraduate studies. She utilizes CBT when able to help clients recognize their thought patterns and DBT…

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Laura DeMougin, MS, LSW

Laura DeMougin, Licensed Social Worker

Therapy isn’t just about talking; it’s about doing. From building Lego sets and sand trays with younger ones to engaging in deeper, transformative therapies like CBT and hypnotherapy for adults, Laura’s methods are as varied. It’s not all about techniques; it’s about understanding and connecting with the client on a personal level to foster real…

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Jennifer Almeida LADC 1, LICSW

Jennifer Almeida, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

J Jenn is a dedicated healthcare provider with a wealth of professional experience, having worked in hospitals, schools, prisons, and addiction treatment centers. Her diverse background has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare and a versatile approach to patient care.Jenn has been a strong advocate for compassionate and patient-centered care throughout her career.…

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Yedjhana Labady, LCSW

Yedjhana Labady, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

In her professional experience, Yedjhana has had the opportunity to work in diverse communities with people of all ages experiencing life transitions, managing stress, and building self-esteem. She uses a strength and trauma-based approach to assist clients in identifying their own strengths and working through their challenges.

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Cassandra Donner, LCSW

Cassandra Donner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Cassandra draws from personal and professional experience to find creative ways to help her clients. She firmly believes that every person is capable of healing from pain and trauma, and she helps her clients create a life that they love. She does this using a holistic approach aimed at healing the mind, body, and spirit.…

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Dr. Samone Smith-Brown, LAC

Dr. Samone Smith-Brown, Licensed Associate Counselor

Samone is a mental health practitioner with demonstrated track record of successfully working with diverse client populations in one-on-one and group settings. She is an empathetic, effective and motivated professional with vast knowledge of various psychological modalities, human relations, behavioral assessments and development and clinical practices. By using a myriad of approaches to therapy, life…

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Shikeena Lynard MA, NCC, LAC

Shikeena Lynard, Licensed Associate Counselor

Shikeena’s professional career began in education and sports. Initially, she thought her love for people and fitness would be fulfilled through education, but she quickly realized she wanted to do more for people and not just children. After completing her master’s degree, she began her counseling career with group and individual therapy for children and…

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Zoe Miniter, RMHCI, RMFTI 

Zoe Miniter, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Throughout our lives, we all experience an array of challenges, changes, trauma, grief, loss, and many other transitions and hardships that occur. As a therapist, Zoe understands that we often need someone to help us along the way in order to provide comfort and support and move closer toward healing. She is passionate about working…

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Anthony Ha, LMSW

Anthony Ha, Licensed Masters Social Worker

In therapy, Anthony’s primary aim is to establish a connection grounded in safety, trust, and optimism, fostering an environment where clients feel empowered to grow in meaningful ways and experience acceptance. He perceives the opportunity to accompany individuals through their traumas, anxieties, and challenges as a privilege, striving to facilitate their recovery and restoration. Anthony…

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Raquel Garrett, ME, LPC

Raquel Garrett, Licensed Professional Counselor

Raquel is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been working with individuals with mental health and drug and alcohol concerns for the past three years, facilitating both individual and group therapy sessions. Prior to that, she worked in-patient for five years in many of the major mental health hospitals and units in northeast Ohio. Her…

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