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Chanel Hall, MA, LPC

Chanel Hall, Licensed Professional Counselor

Chanel Hall is from Dayton, Ohio. She attended undergraduate at Eastern Kentucky University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Chanel has always been passionate and interested in how humans operate and connect to one another. Chanel decided to go on and pursue a higher education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Walden University. Chanel tailors her approach to…

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Rebekah Fink, LPCC-S

Rebekah Fink, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

When it comes to counseling, Bekah takes a more direct but compassionate and holistic approach to treatment and believes in collaboratively working together to reach your goals by exploring what has and has not been working and identifying and developing the necessary changes to get you there. Bekah believes you are the expert in your…

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Breighone Brown, LMSW

Breighone Brown, Licensed Master Social Worker

Breighone is a passionate clinical therapist who is trained to practice cognitive therapies, behavioral therapies, and interpersonal psychotherapies to clients with a variety of mental disorders. Breighone has helped clients overcome their symptoms of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism-spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and conduct disorders in children,…

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Catherine Harvey, MSW, LCSW

Catherine Harvey, MSW, LCSW

Catherine is an MSW, LCSW who is a compassionate individual, passionate about providing mental health treatment ranging from difficult life situations to severe mental health diagnoses. She is prepared to provide the proper treatment specific to each client’s needs. Catherine views each client as an individual who is not defined by their struggles but rather…

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Savanna Stanton-Ameisen, LPC

Savanna Stanton-Ameisen, Licensed Professional Counselor

As a therapist, Savanna knows that each person’s lived experiences are unique and, consequently, require intentional, individualized interventions. She works in collaboration with her clients to help them strengthen themselves from within, build adaptive coping strategies and develop self-efficacy. By creating a safe, open space, her clients can advance their trust in others by building…

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Lynn Manea, LCSW

Lynn Manea, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lynn Manea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a wide variety of practices in counseling. Lynn’s experience ranges from working in private practice to counseling adolescents in school settings to assist families and clients navigating chronic and terminal illnesses. Lynn offers personal telehealth psychotherapy to families, couples, caregivers, and young and older adults. Lynn…

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Elizabeth Somma, LPC, LPAT, ATR-BC

Elizabeth Somma, Licensed Professional Counselor

Since graduating from Caldwell University with a Master of Arts degree, Elizabeth has become a New Jersey State Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Art Therapist as well as a Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist. Elizabeth has over seven years of experience in both talk therapy and art therapy working with children, adolescents, adults, and families…

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Ronie Thomas, LPC

Ronie Thomas, Licensed Professional Counselor

Ronie’s personal and professional philosophy very much aligns with the inner vision most hold for themselves. Just as it is one’s objective to have the tools to thrive in our ever-changing world, Ronie believes in creating challenging and inspirational opportunities that promote intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth for all individuals. I believe in showing people…

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Mary Renshaw, LPC

Mary Renshaw, Licensed Professional Counselor

Mary is there to listen and not to judge. She believes that active listening as well as connecting people with the appropriate resources and support can help them tremendously. She believes that her supportive and caring nature can make people more comfortable. Mary has worked in many therapeutic settings including outpatient, day programs, and residential…

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