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Lynn Manea, LCSW

Lynn Manea, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lynn Manea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a wide variety of practices in counseling. Lynn’s experience ranges from working in private practice to counseling adolescents in school settings to assist families and clients navigating chronic and terminal illnesses. Lynn offers personal telehealth psychotherapy to families, couples, caregivers, and young and older adults. Lynn…

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Tracy Dos Santos Rocha, MS, LAC 

Tracy Dos Santos Rocha, Licensed Associate Counselor

Tracy Dos Santos Rocha has diverse experience of helping clients with mental health needs. Tracy has worked in school, crisis, and in-home settings prior to focusing on tele-counseling. Tracy believes that person-centered therapy is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship. Tracy has always had a passion to be in a helping profession. Her middle school…

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Emma Garry, LSW

Emma Garry, Licensed Social Worker

Emma’s focus is working with those suffering from grief and supporting caregivers from her experience with hospice. Emma is a mom and wants to support others who are new to navigating motherhood and how hard postpartum is. Emma has a passion with learning and knows the benefit of going outside and being one with nature. She believes…

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Jolene Stark, LPC, ATR-BC

Jolene Stark, Licensed Professional Counselor

Jolene believes that often we seek therapy when the support system we have and the ways of coping that we normally use are not enough. Many paths can lead us to feel that we are struggling, and we all have times in our lives when we need more or different support. Jolene has learned to…

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