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Facing Fears of Coronavirus During Pregnancy

woman facing fears during Pregnancy And COVID-19

BIBS, BALLOONS, AND BASSINETS. That’s what I wanted to think of when I became pregnant with my twin babies. Being a first-time mom, I was filled with excitement, joy, and anxiety. I asked myself, “How am I going to be a full-time healthcare worker AND a mother of twins?” Not knowing the answer stirred up…

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Maintaining Mental Wellness While Stuck At Home

Woman stretching on couch Maintaining Mental Wellness

In a year that has so far been defined by COVID-19 and its implications on global society, many individuals find themselves confined to their homes, wondering when pandemic related restrictions will be lifted.  While a few days around the house can be a relaxing change of pace from everyday life, spending weeks or even months…

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School’s Out: Coping with Anxiety While Classrooms are Closed

student looking at papers coping with anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has left students and educators alike barred from entering classrooms. We do this to adhere to social distancing guidelines and slow the spread of the deadly virus. However, while beneficial to overall physical safety in our education system, it brings its own set of stressors. For instance, college students, in particular, face…

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