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Antoniu Boariu, LSW

Antoniu Boariu, Licensed Social Worker

Over the past two years, Antoniu has held the privilege of working closely with young adults, supporting them as they develop valuable coping strategies to navigate life’s challenges across various domains, including relationships, social interactions, and career development. One of Antoniu’s core beliefs as a therapist is the power of a holistic approach to treatment.…

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 Gail Wilkins, LSW

Gail Wilkins, Licensed Social Worker

Gail’s therapeutic style is conversational and relational. She is not a stoic therapist in black, nodding with a notepad in hand. She treats every client with respect and dignity, incorporates relatable humor, pop-culture, metaphor, and her uniquely kind but direct style that gets the point across. As a foundation to her practice, Gail deeply believes…

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Danielle Tanelli, MS, LAC, NCC

Danielle Tanelli, Licensed Associate Counselor

Danielle is passionate about creating a safe, respectful, and supportive therapeutic setting for her clients. She believes in providing a comfortable space for clients to process life’s challenges and guide clients toward healing through self-love and compassion. Danielle uses various therapeutic methods with an emphasis on CBT, DBT, and person-centered therapy. She has experience working…

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Gina M. Parisi, MA, LPC, ACS, CCTP

Gina Parisi, Licensed Professional Counselor

Gina takes a person-centered and holistic approach to counseling, helping people become more integrated and live a more balanced life. Integrating one’s mind, body, and spirit dimensions can shift the balance to a greater overall “wholeness.” Greater balance allows us to make healthier choices and experience a healthier relationship with ourselves and others. Gina specializes…

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LaKeitha Branch, LPC, NCC

LaKeitha Branch, Licensed Professional Counselor

LaKeitha has several years of experience working with diverse populations in hospital, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient settings. LaKeitha aims to use her training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based techniques to equip clients with strategies to manage emotions, handle life stressors, and feel…

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Peter. R. Smith, LSW, LCADC

Peter Smith, Licensed Social Worker

Peter Smith is a licensed social worker (LSW) and licensed clinical alcohol & drug counselor (LCADC) focusing on treating trauma, addiction, and co-occurring mental health conditions. He is an EMDR-trained clinician and works with clients to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories across areas including anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, relational trauma, and other distressing…

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Caroline Murphy, MSW, LCSW

Caroline Murphy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Caroline is a heart-centered and strengths-based therapist who meets clients where they are in life and strives to provide a nurturing environment to allow her clients to grow into the best versions of themselves. Caroline individualizes her therapy approach to meet each client’s specific needs, integrating both traditional evidence-based interventions with complementary alternative therapies. Caroline…

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Allyson Crawford, LCSW

Allyson Crawford, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Allyson values being an unbiased, supportive listener, as clients are the experts of their own lives. Allyson specializes in depression, anxiety, and trauma from an eclectic approach to make treatment unique to clients’ needs. Allyson’s experience working with children, adolescents, and adults gave her the ability to mold treatment modalities for various ages, symptoms, and…

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Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown, DSW, LSW

Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown, Licensed Social Worker

Dr. Chelece-Atavia Brown is a dedicated and accomplished Doctor of Social Work with more than seven years of impactful experience in the field of social work and human services. She is committed to creating positive change in individuals’ lives, communities, and society as a whole through her clinical expertise, advocacy, and community empowerment initiatives. Dr.…

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Paul Dalton, LICSW

Paul Dalton, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Due to Paul’s education, career, and life experience, he has developed an eclectic client-centered approach to guiding others in finding what has been missing within themselves. He has a background in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, meditation, somatic approaches, and holistic perspectives. He is also fairly steeped in Eastern philosophy in regard to mental…

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