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Beth Chase, LMHC

Beth Chace, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The clinician is a New Englander at heart who loves the greenwood and the freshwater lakes that abound in the region. She is a birder and a gardener who plants for butterflies, birds and bees. She believes that nature is an ultimate source of joy and healing. The clinician likes to travel. She has been…

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Stephanie Pogoda, MS, NCC, LAC

Stephanie Pogoda, Licensed Associated Counselor

Stephanie graduated from Monmouth University in May of 2023 and obtained her LAC shortly after. During her time at Monmouth, she spent multiple semesters working directly with clients from all walks of life. Stephanie has experience working with court-mandated youth, college students, and dual-diagnosis clients. Most of Stephanie’s professional work has been individual therapy for…

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Kisoone Wickham, LSW

Kisoone Wickham, Licensed Social Worker

Growing up in Jamaica, Kisoone was privileged to observe her mother and great-grandmother engaging in informal social work and informal therapy within her community. These influential women were renowned for their genuine care, approachability, and dedication to assisting those in need. Witnessing these acts of kindness instilled in Kisoone the belief that therapy begins with…

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Cassandra Good, MS, LPC

Cassandra Good, Licensed Professional Counselor

Cassie has many years of experience working in the mental health field in various environments with various clientele. She has worked with adults with severe mental illness and co-occurring addiction issues, children who have suffered sexual abuse, and individuals who have committed sexual offenses in the community. Cassie believes therapy is all about you and…

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Matthew Rosania, MA, LMHC

Matthew Rosania, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Matt started his career path in mental health in 2015 while still serving in the Army National Guard as a Case Manager for a community-based treatment agency. Since then, he has worked with a multitude of populations ranging from children and families, veterans, incarcerated individuals, patients with substance abuse issues, and those in mental health…

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Joshshea Bonds, MAMFT, LAMFT

Joshshea Bonds, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Joshshea is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in NJ. Joshshea loves working with children, teens, families, and couples. Joshshea is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), EMDR, and Solution Focus Brief Therapy. Joshshea has completed training in Couple’s Therapy as well. Joshshea believes everyone should have a safe and healing place to…

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Mary Ellen Griffin, MA, NCC, LPC

Mary Ellen Griffin, Licensed Professional Counselor

Starting therapy can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. With this in mind, Mary Ellen’s goal is to create a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Mary Ellen values a collaborative therapeutic process. She sees each individual as unique and works to tailor treatment to meet individual needs. Mary Ellen’s passion as a counselor is working…

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Sara Trembath, LPCC

Sara Trembath, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sara Trembath believes in using a holistic, wellness-based approach focused on developing practical self-help skills so clients can become more independent in managing their symptoms and problems. She prefers relational types of therapy above cognitive methods, though she will integrate cognitive-based approaches when necessary. She is interested in helping people develop their full potential despite…

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Matthew Escano, MA, LPCC

Matthew Escano, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Matthew highly values the therapeutic alliance between himself and his clients. He adopts a collaborative approach, focusing on empowering his clients to make their own choices, build confidence in themselves, and to discover and draw from their innate strengths. Matthew wants to help his clients become self-sufficient, self-actualizing individuals. Matthew is interested in helping clients…

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Leah Spyker, LPC

Leah Spyker, Licensed Professional Counselor

Leah believes that it is important to build a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship in order to become successful in achieving treatment goals. Leah creates a warm, compassionate space for clients to engage in self-exploration, reconnect with their values, and take actions towards a more meaningful life.

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