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Nancy Alonzo, MS, LMHC

Nancy Alonzo, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Nancy Alonzo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of Florida. Nancy received her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University in 2013, and her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2016. Nancy has a wide variety of clinical experience with different aged populations, including children, adolescents, adults, and…

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Mary Healy Carrion, LPC

Mary Healy Carrion, Licensed Professional Counselor

Mary is a licensed professional specializing in providing invaluable support and guidance to those in need. With a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach, Mary equips individuals with essential coping skills and offers a safe space for personal exploration. Mary’s commitment lies in empowering individuals to uncover their unique paths to fulfillment. Through collaborative…

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Jennifer Candelario, LPC

Jennifer Candelario, Licensed Professional Counselor

Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over seven years of experience providing therapy in both English and Spanish to a diverse population. Jennifer aims to create a safe environment in which clients feel heard and validated so that they can uncover barriers that are affecting their relationship with themselves and others. Jennifer aligns well…

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Valeria Cantore, MS, LMHC

Valeria Cantore, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Valeria Develops the appropriate intervention plan to be able to assist clients to the highest degree, based on cultural diversity, including but not limited to: age, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and disability issues. She Demonstrates excellent ethical guidelines and professional behavior. She uses person-centered Therapy techniques to mold the plan for each person specifically.…

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Melissa Henao, LPC, LAC

Melissa Henao, Licensed Associate Counselor

With extensive training in EMDR, TF-CBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing and three years of experience working with a diverse population, Melissa is equipped to provide the expert care one deserves. The approach creates a safe space where one can explore the complexities of their experiences without judgment. As a bilingual therapist fluent in English and…

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Maria Ines Prado, LMHC

Maria Prado, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Maria Ines Prado is a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts. Maria Ines grew up in Guatemala, went on to study clinical psychology, and proceeded to study for their master’s in mental health counseling and art therapy. Maria works with a diverse population, from young adults to elderly clients, and has experience treating substance use…

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Sarah Summers, LSW

Sarah Summers, Licensed Social Worker

Sarah (she/her) is a queer professional who values creating a safe, warm, and inviting environment that allows clients to explore their challenges in a non-judgemental and compassionate way. She follows clients’ expertise in their lives and treats their stories with respect and dignity. Her approach may be described as a gentle curiosity with a deep…

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Mariel Furstner, MSW, LSW

Mariel Furstner, Licensed Social Worker

Driven by her passion for aiding clients through their therapy journey, Mariel creates a safe space conducive to expressing feelings and sharing life experiences. She achieves this by integrating different perspectives and modalities of treatment based on her client’s specific needs. Some of those forms of treatment could include but aren’t limited to, using strengths…

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Danilo Velez, LSW

Danilo Velez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a Clinical Therapist, Danilo Velez brings a wealth of professional experience and a deep commitment to promoting mental well-being and personal growth. With ten years of practice in Social Work, he has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a compassionate and non-judgmental therapeutic environment. He believes in the inherent resilience of each and…

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Monica Barria, LPC

Monica Barria, LPC

Monica has 10 years of experience counseling individuals, families and couples throughout different age ranges. She recognizes strengths and teaches others how to develop a healthier relationship to their thoughts and behaviors. She is validating and caring as well as funny. She is knowledgeable about coping skills and understanding symptoms of different mental health issues.…

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