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Tricia L Colbert, LPC, LCADC, NCC

Tricia Colbert, Licensed Professional Counselor

Tricia Colbert is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor with over 20 years in the clinical setting. Her mission is to help individuals and their families become healthier in order to have a better quality of life. She uses a holistic approach, blending elements from different modalities in order…

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Malikah Z Shaheed, LCSW

Malikah Shaheed, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ms. Shaheed is a graduate of the State University of Albany School of Social Work. She has twenty years of Clinical Experience. She began her career assisting students with IEP needs and crisis interventions in the school setting. She is well-versed in assisting families with the stressors of the educational environment. Ms. Shaheed has multiple…

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Alyssa Riley, LICSW

Alyssa Riley, Licensed Intern of Clinical Social Work

Ally has primarily worked with adults struggling with substance use disorders, helping them regain a sense of self after living with addiction. She is passionate about the importance of prioritizing mental health. She places emphasis on mindfulness techniques and coping skills that work for the individual. She maintains empathy while striving for real, helpful solutions.…

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Chelsea Durkalec, NCC, LPC

Chelsea Durkalec, Licensed Professional Counselor

Chelsea believes in providing a safe environment where clients can explore their feelings, fears, and authentic selves. As a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in a range of ages and populations, she has expertise with adults with mental health/substance use concerns and teenagers with behavioral issues. She is open to individual, family, and/or couples therapy…

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Kapil Nayar, LPC

Kapil Nayar, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kapil has sought education to further develop his alternative psychodynamic approach to treating clients. He obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology, along with a Master’s certificate in Psychopharmacology, and qualified for licensure as a Professional Counselor and an accredited Clinical Supervisor. He now works in a private practice setting with professionals who share…

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Francisca Onyemize, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Francisca Onyemize, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Regardless of color or sexual orientation, Francisca Onyemize is a committed, board-certified psychiatric mental nurse practitioner passionate about giving her patients the best care possible. She has worked in outpatient settings where she has provided successful patient-centered treatment, patient education, and advocacy in addition to diagnosing and treating a range of mental health disorders and addictions…

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Shahid Khan, MSW, LMSW

Shahid Khan, Licensed Master Social Worker

Culturally humble and multilingual, Shahid Khan guides clients towards authentic living, free from societal norms. He offers individualized evidenced-based interventions tailored to each person’s needs. As a father and avid reader, he finds solace outdoors and teaches mindfulness in prisons. His commitment to authenticity and cultural humility fosters inclusive environments, making him a trusted partner…

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Emanuel Werner, LPCC-S, LCDCIII

Emanuel Werner, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Emanuel G. Werner, Master of Education, Master of Arts, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision Designation, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III provides many forms of behavioral health treatment to assist in your healing and improve your mental health. Emanuel has experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, working with clients in individual, group, couple, and…

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Erin Drakes, LCSW

Erin Drake, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Erin Drakes, LCSW, is a clinician for Harmony Bay Wellness who specializes in a collaborative and nonjudgmental approach to mental health treatment. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from Simmons University in 2023 and has focused her practice on incorporating a trauma-informed approach with expressive arts, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy…

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Laura DeMougin, MS, LSW

Laura DeMougin, Licensed Social Worker

Therapy isn’t just about talking; it’s about doing. From building Lego sets and sand trays with younger ones to engaging in deeper, transformative therapies like CBT and hypnotherapy for adults, Laura’s methods are as varied. It’s not all about techniques; it’s about understanding and connecting with the client on a personal level to foster real…

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